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Pain Management Specialists

in Tampa, Florida

Pain Management Specialists in Tampa, Florida

Innovative pain management solutions provided by a dedicated team. 

Our priority at Nexus Heals is relieving our patients of life-debilitating joint pain caused by osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease. To achieve this, we leverage today’s most advanced technologies and treatment methods in order to offer patients long-lasting relief without the use of prescription drugs or surgery, and instead leverage fully natural and non-invasive solutions that are also covered by Medicare and most insurances. Our protocols provide incredibly high documented success rates, and the success stories of our patients provide proof as to the effectiveness of these protocols. 

What pain management solutions does Nexus Heals offer?

We are proud at Nexus Heals to introduce the Stabili-Knee™ protocol – a groundbreaking treatment solution that combines many different, innoative treatment methods into one protocol in order to offer patients lasting relief of joint pain in the knees without the use of surgery. These technologies include fluoroscopic imaging guiding, which ensures 100% accuracy with injected materials, as well as the newest and safest version of hyaluronic acid. We then pair this with knee bracing and physical therapy. All of these treatments, which are covered by Medicare and many insurances, form a powerful and highly-effective treatment solution when combined. 

Currently, millions of Americans suffer from knee pain caused by osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease, and most patients believe that full knee replacements and other surgeries are the only solutions to this common and debilitating health condition. The team at Nexus Heals is here to say that this is not the case, and that effective, lasting relief IS possible without the use of surgery. 

Speak with our team at Nexus Heals today to book a risk-free and no-obligation Stabili-Knee™ consultation! 

Who is a candidate for pain management solutions?

Today, millions of Americans suffer from knee pain caused by osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease – this is due to the fact that these conditions are simply the result of aging. Therefore, anyone who is suffering from degenerated tissue in the knees is a candidate for pain management treatment protocols. Our team at Nexus Heals works with each patient individually to determine the level of degeneration that has occurred in your knees, which non-surgical pain management protocols would be best for you, and how effective these treatments will be both in the short and longterm. Examples of those who would not be candidates for this protocol would include those who have had both knees fully replaced, or those whose knees are too severely degenerated in order for regeneration to be possible. Our team will work with you to determine candidacy and which solutions will best serve you and your condition. 

Traditional solutions for knee pain will typically involve prescription medications. While this will certainly temporarily manage a patient’s pain, we believe at Nexus Heals that it is imperative to address the true underlying cause of this pain, which is tissue and lubrication degeneration in the knees. We specialize in cutting-edge, fully natural and non-surgical solutions to joint degeneration and knee pain, and we would invite you to come in and meet our top-rated team at Nexus Heals to learn more about the non-surgical solution that we can offer! 

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