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Regenerative Care

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Regenerative Care Specialists in Tampa, Florida

Addressing the Core Cause of Knee Pain and Joint Degeneration

When treating knee pain and degenerative joint disease, it is imperative that medical teams address the root cause of the problem as opposed to the symptoms of the problem. At Nexus Heals, we specialize in these types of regenerative treatments in order to help knee pain suffered gain back the lost tissue and lubrication in the knee joints in order to gain back their mobility and freedom. Our treatment protocols have incredibly high, documented success rates, and we would love to have the opportunity to provide you with these cutting-edge and innovative treatment solutions. 

We’re proud to offer our patented Stabili-Knee™ protocol, which is offering patients lasting relief from osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease symptoms. 

What Exactly Is "Regenerative Care"?

Regenerative care is a field of medicine that seeks to regenerate lost tissues and materials in certain parts of the body. When degeneration occurs in the knee joints, this can result in extreme pain and other symptoms such as stiffness in the joints and a lack of joint mobility. Much of the time, these symptoms will be addressed with prescription drugs and other ailments that address these symptoms, but that fail in treating the underlying cause of osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease, which is degeneration in the joint space and a lack of natural lubrication in the joints.

As we age, the tissue in the knee joints, as well as that of other major joints in the body, can begin to deteriorate purely as a factor of aging. Other factors can exacerbate this degeneration, such as playing sports at a young age, physical accidents, and a lack of exercise. Traditionally, many treatment methods that are meant to address knee pain caused by osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease address the symptoms of these conditions, but do not address the underlying cause. At Nexus Heals, we take a different approach. We identify the specific condition that a Patient is experiencing, and exactly which spacing in the knee joint require attention. Then, using advanced imaging technologies, we pinpoint this exact location and then target this region with safe and natural injected materials. This is just one facet of the patented solution that we offer that is providing patients with lasting relief of osteoarthritis symptoms, helping our community members to gain back their mobility, independence, and freedom. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our natural, non-surgical, and patented  Stabili-Knee™ protocol, you can request a fully no-risk, no-obligation consultation to come in and meet the Nexus Team and learn if you would be a candidate for this treatment protocol. 

Who is a Candidate for Regenerative Care?

Every Patient is different. More specifically, every set of knees and joints is different. The level of joint degeneration that occurs for one patient will not be the same level of degeneration that occurs for another patient. We understand this at Nexus Heals, which is why we make the point of spending time with each patient individually and leveraging some of today’s best and most advanced imaging technologies to gain the most accurate and detailed view of your knees and joints as possible. Anyone who is experiencing degenerated knee joints is a candidate for regenerative care. That being said, every Patient at Nexus Heals will be experiencing a different level of joint degeneration, which can affect different spaces in the joint or the entire joint itself. The first step is always coming in and seeing our experienced and caring team at Nexus Heals for a consultation where we assess your knees and joints in detail. This will determine your individual candidacy for our non-surgical treatment protocol, and will also give our team and yourself an accurate idea of how affective this protocol will be. 

Is Regenerative Care the Right Solution for Me?

Anyone experiencing osteoarthritis symptoms in the knees and degenerative joint disease may be a strong candidate for regenerative care! The main benefit provided by regenerative treatments is that these solutions are fully natural and non-surgical. In addition, regenerative treatments seek to address the root cause of knee pain and degenerative joint disease, as opposed to simply addressing the symptoms of these conditions. 

Our team at Nexus Heals would be honored to meet you! Learn more about our proven and patented Stabili-Knee™ protocol by coming in and seeing our team for a fully risk-free and no-obligation consultation, and we can determine your candidacy for this protocol as well as how effective this solution may be for you! 

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